Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hey a departure date! ...What?

Hey, I've gotten a departure date! It's...August 20? WHAAAAAAAT? Looks like NZ is very...particular...about their visa process, so AFS thinks the visas won't be ready in time, so they delayed stuff. Well, that's good and bad. Good: I get to spend more time here, and since I will also leave NZ later, I'll have more chances to ski. Bad: I'll barely have any time for summer when I get back. But hey, I actually have an idea of when I'm going! That's something good! Of course, knowing my luck, it will change again, but at least I have more of my current summer to enjoy! Now I just need a family...

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Mom said...

Well, second time I'm trying to leave a comment now (just practice for a blog-impaired mom...). Can't believe you leave in less than a month -- exciting (and a little scary -- for me)! Would be nice to "meet" your NZ family, huh? AFS, get on the stick!
Love you, Mom