Monday, June 16, 2008

Hope and Frustration

All right, I've finally gotten a message back from AFS. As I look to open the message, I hope to finally get some sort of information, something about my family, departure, anything concrete... So I open it, and I see...

"I've asked the Travel Department for confirmation of Andy's Travel,and hope to hear back soon. I will let you know about this. Regarding his hostfamily, AFS-New Zealand is currently exploring various options for his placement, and I will let you know when they are able to tell us more."

Ok...let me get this straight...

I was one of the earliest people to get my application in or so they said, thanks to the fact I was first trying to get to Japan. Other people in my New Zealand group have gotten families, departure dates, all that stuff. I was one of the EARLIEST people to apply, and yet I have...NOTHING??? What is going on here!??!?!?! I mean, I understand things can be kind of hard, but if they're hard, then why are other people in my group getting things, while I have NOTHING AT ALL?? I just hope this gets better at some point, and I hope that "some point" is before the end of June. I don't want to make my parents spend another $2000 just because AFS never got my departure info to me.

In short, I'm still in the dark. That was my rant for today, thanks for reading.

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Lisa ;] said...

Breathe, dear Andy, breathe. Summer's here and no more school. Take a breather or your head might go *pop*.


Oh...and no growing taller. I would actually prefer is you smushed yourself to the point here you go short? Maybe? Well you'll work it out ;]