Friday, June 13, 2008


FINALLY!!! This mindless busywork that they call finals is over! Right now, I don't really care what my grades are, but I will once they actually come home... Now it's only a month before I can finally get to NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!! However, I don't know if I'll get there if I have no idea what family I have, or when my arranged flights are... YOU HEAR ME, AFS? I would like to actually be informed at least a little bit!!! Can't you at least give me an update on what you are doing??? You can't leave me in the dark forever!!!

Ok, that's my usual AFS rant for the day...
W00t for summer vacation!

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Anonymous said...

Yes Andy I agree to that... And this is Kiersten, I have an AIM screen name as seen above... FINALS ARE OVER!!!!!! :) Anyhow I don't care about grades untill they come so this should be interesting. Hope your stuff comes; keep posting.