Monday, July 28, 2008

lack of interesting stuff

Well it's been a month since I posted last, and now I've finally gotten something relating to AFS, but it has NOTHING to do with my NZ family or location or whatever. All it is is that AFS is complaining about me not sending them MY domestic travel information, which is kind of messed up since they're the ones who delayed the departure, and I don't want to make flight arrangements that I suddenly have to cancel because of a freaking extra delay. If they're so obsessed with my flight arrangements, how about they start sending me info as well? Yeah, for some reason they can't seem to be able to get me any info at all even though they've had about 7 months to find me a family... why me?

Anyway, I'm still hoping I get something of any sort soon, because I'm now starting to contemplate packing, since I have to carefully plan out what I need and other things like know, basic packing, just instead of a week-long vacation, I'm going to a place that I'll be living in for an entire year...yeah, only that small difference... And I really hope they have internet access where I'm going...

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