Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Extremely long flights....hmmm

NEWS!!! I've finally managed to find out about my flight from Los Angeles to New Zealand!....and it's a freaking 6800 MILES ACROSS THE PACIFIC OCEAN!!! Wow, that's close to 3 times as long as my flight from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles! Looks like I've got some thinking about what time-killers to bring on the flight....hmmmm, this should be quite interesting. I doubt 5 books will last the entire 9000 miles...but also, this new info must mean I'll be getting a family soon, I hope... But hey, I've gotta find out sometime, right?


Vanessa said...

hey im from new zealand!!! i think its great how your coming here! your going to love it! im off to sicily in 25 days to do an exchange there! :)so excited!

Emily (Bishop) said...

Long flights are horrible.
I'm telling you.
Espically if you are in a window or middle seat.
It will be awesome in New Zealand though. I am completely jealous that you get to go. =]