Saturday, April 11, 2009

Singing of a Loss at Stations of the Cross

This is my last post before the South Island Trip! I thought I'd just update you on the few things that have happened before I go on my 11-day excursion. Term 1 at Fairfield is OVER! W00T! I did my kayaking and pool assessments, and managed to get Achievement with Merit. I only missed Excellence because I can't roll a kayak on my non-preferred side. But, either way, it works. I've taken care of any exams that I've had, and gotten through them all, too. But now, to the topic of the title. Stations of the Cross took place at quite a few churches and other areas here, but the one I'm speaking of is the art exhibition at the Hamilton Gardens. WOVEN sung there, so that's how I was there. We were singing a piece made by WOVEN called "Dolore Sensa Misura", also known as "Grief without Measure". We didn't sing in Latin whatsoever, but what the piece was a 5-part cycle about the 5 stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. We sung in a small tunnel around the station where Jesus is nailed to the cross.

Something felt awkward about it though, as our piece was 100% secular. There were a few possible references to it being religious, but the words were completely non-religious. We sung for 2 hours on 6 nights, and every person attended 3 of those nights, except our director of course, who attended all 6. We sang through the piece about 10 times each night as well. My favorite part of the whole thing was probably the free hot chocolate at the end, hehehe...I like hot chocolate, especially since it wasn't scalding when I drank it. Anyway, the main other thing I've done recently is go to 3 night/afternoon church services, on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Saturday before Easter, for what I believe is called the Tridium, or 3 services that all connect, some not having beginnings or ends. It was made as if it was 3 services in one, starting on Thursday and ending on Saturday. I had never been to such a combination, so I actually found it pretty interesting, especially the Easter Vigil on Saturday.

So, that's just about it from me for this one. When I get back from the South Island I'll make sure to tell you all about it (and show you some things, too!). Have a Happy Easter, everyone! And for everyone who may not celebrate Easter, secular or religious, have a good...whatever you are celebrating, be it Passover or something else. Or if you're not celebrating anything whatsoever, just have a good day!


Bogdaddy said...

I think it is great that you had such an immersive Easter experience this year. Have a wonderful time in the South. I wish I could have heard WOVE sing.


Mom said...

Love to hear your thoughts and about your experiences, Andy; thanks for sharing.

Have a fantastic time on the South Island!


Grandpa said...


Hi Andy,

Enjoyed your commentary on the 3 days before Easter and your description of your singing. Sounds like you're off to an 11 day south island trip which should be excitinf. Will look forward to hearing about your experiences there.

Love, GRandpa

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