Thursday, March 12, 2009

Orienteering, Airline Clearing, WOVEN Choir to Sing Endearing

Hey, everyone! Wow, it's my birth month! W00t! Now, on with the post.

Let's start out with an activity that I find surprisingly fun, that I've just tried twice over the past 2 weeks: Orienteering. Some may know it, some may not. For those who don't, orienteering is a sport where you get a map, and you have to copy down a route. Here in the Hamilton Orienteering club, they have 3 levels of routes: White (usually around 2k), Yellow (around 3k), and Orange (around 5k). Orienteering almost always involves navigating through wooded areas. The route you copy out contains "controls", or points where there's a small patterned hole-puncher. Apparently there's an electronic version now but I like the hole-punching better. Why, I don't know. Anyway, there are over 20 different controls, and they all have different numbers. The numbers match numbers on a card you're given that tells you something that the control is next to. You have to figure out where you're going, traverse by foot to the control, and punch a hole in a card that you're given. It's really fun to do because it's not only running, you actually have to do navigating too, and I think that's really fun. When I get back I want to find out more about the Western Pennsylvania Orienteering Club.

Airline Clearing. Yes, I'm getting on planes again...for the SOUTH ISLAND TRIP!!! I've gotten all the forms in, all the cash in, and now I'll be going to the south island for 11 days starting the 13 of April! But I'm not going to let you know what I'm doing yet...hehehe. Aren't I evil? I'll let you know when I get the uber-updated itinerary close to the departure date. But I do know that I'll be going to Mount Cook and Milford Sound, at least.

WOVEN is the only youth choir in Hamilton, and I'm a part of it! We've only had one practice, but it should be quite good. I heard them sing last December, and they were great. Too bad I won't be with them for the whole year, but at least I'm a member of a choir now!

Yeah, that's it for now. Have a happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! If you celebrate that that is of course. Bye!


Mom said...

Such great experiences you're having, Andy! Orienteering sounds like a blast, let alone being good exercise, to boot :).

So glad, too, that you're getting the opportunity to sing with the choir.

The South Island trip -- sounds amazing (any chance you could get a disposable camera and get some pics?).

Enjoy, enjoy -- and keep us posted!

Bogdaddy said...

Double W00t!

Grandpa said...

Hi Andy.

Enjoyed your recent post and did respondto it but I guess I hit the wrong buttons to get it to. Glad you continue to enjoy new experiences which you'll remember the rest of your life. Sunny and warm in Sarasota. Supposed to be in the 80s today. When it hits 90 I'm outta here.

Love, Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Andy! lots of love and joy your way! :)