Friday, February 20, 2009

Neuron-style plan for the next month or so

Another quick update...

I've successfully switched into my newest family's house. This family is the Jackman family. They have a small 2 floor house as well as another AFS student! Ja, this is my first time having the same family as another student, although the student here has only been in NZ for a few weeks, and she is still practicing a bit of the more complicated aspects of English. Though it isn't uncommon to hear her conversing fervently with some of her Spanish-speaking friends here. Anyway, I'm settled in for as long as I'm going to be, which may be as little as 2 weeks. Yeah, I might be hopping around families quickly for a while, hence the title referencing the way neurons send messages. A.K.A. a lot of jumping around. But yeah, everything's going fine now, though I can't wait for March 5 since Athletics day with Fairfield was cancelled today, and March 5th is the postponement date. I really hope I don't hurt myself attempting the high jump...ugh

Speaking of school, FFC isn't really receiving any good media right now. There's a bunch of problems involving the principal and students randomly protesting for a reason they don't even know. Yes, they only were a part of it so they could 1:skip class, 2:yell at the front office for no reason, 3:get on TV. The "protest" started with about 16 students, moved up to around 200, as, and I quote the Waikato Times on this, "As students tried to get on TV". They don't care if their school is getting bad attention from all this, all they care about is getting on TV because apparently they'll be able to act famous or something. That's my opinion on their behavior anyway. Kinda reminds me of the song "King of New York" from some musical I can't remember... I'm doing fine though, I among other students just found the "protest" funny because of the complete lack of any idea about what the topic was. Ja, that's all there is from me, but as I'm watching the rugby right now, might as well just say this for the heck of it: Go Chiefs! (That's the Waikato Chiefs, the Waikato area's Super 14 rugby team, not the Kansas City Chiefs the American football team. No offense to those, but I still support the Steelers)


Bogdaddy said...

Glad you have a place to hang your hat and a pillow to sleep on, even for a little while.

Mom said...

Maybe you can practice Spanish with your AFS housemate :-) -- although it sounds like she'd appreciate your help even more.
Just think of all the people you're getting to know with the bouncing around (if you could only just blink and move rather than pack and unpack...). Enjoy the Jackmans and say hello for me.

Have fun on the 5th and thanks for the update!

Love much, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey andy its been a long time since we've talked and I have been missing you a lot. I have been reading all of your blogs; you sound like you're have loads of fun over in New Zealand... I have some other more personal news for you... but I right now thought I'd say hope all fairs well and that you continue having some more exciting adventures... :)

Grandpa said...

Hi Andy,

You must feel like a nomad. But you seem to be handling quite well which sounds like you are enjoying the variety of experiences you are having. That's good. One of these days you might be able to settle down for 2-3 months ! Hope so. Good to hear from you.

Love, Grandpa