Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

...And all through the house,
There were some people stirring,
But no signs of a mouse.

After baking for ages,
the oven finally lost power,
And the cookies and cakes
begged for one to devour.

An exchange student typing
a ridiculous poem
thought, "Say, what would happen,
if I were back home?

I'd be sitting quite close
to a roaring lounge fire,
while here heat travels daily,
with no threat of expire."

As he looked around thinking
of molasses and gifts,
he thought of world culture,
and all of its rifts.

Realizing how people
don't always agree,
he remembered his purpose
for being in NZ.

Mending false generalizations
and bad stereotypes
was a great noble calling,
that outweighed his gripes.

So as I now sit writing,
of the differences here,
I wish you Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year!

-Copyright Fledgeling Inspiration Poetry Division (not really, hehe...)

So, that's my poetry writing for the year. I won't be posting anytime really soon, as I'm heading to the Coromandel Peninsula on a 9-day camping trip. I'll be taking pictures for Picturesque there, and I really hope I can locate my camera connector or an SD card reader or something, because I've got almost half a year's photos to upload.

From Zelandia with love,

Andy Scherch


Shirlee said...

Great poetry, Andy! Thanks for thinking about home - we are all thinking of you, too, and hoping you enjoy Christmas during the summer! Have fun camping, and we can't wait to see the photographs.
Take good care, and Merry Christmas! We will be toasting to you at dinner, sending love to NZ.

Mom said...

Clever, says Scott; ditto says Mom! What fun to read your work and hear your creative musings. We're just back from our holiday trek to MI and this wonderful poem is a happy and unexpected surprise. We missed you while playing Apples to Apples and thought of you all the while. Can't wait to hear about your post-Christmas camping trip. Happy New Year, sweetie! Much love, Mom

Grandpa said...

Hi Andy,

Very well done and sprightly poem.We did miss you at a family gathering in East Lansing. Sounds like a great 9 days upon which you will embark, Have a great time and Happy New Year !

Love, Grandpa